Gold Claimer Concentrator
The Gold Claimer Concentrator ……. Most efficient and dependable!
The answer to your mining adventure!!!!
The Gold Claimer Concentrator is self contained, and with its 2-8 yd/hr capacity, it is ideal for testing gold values
or for small production operations.  It’s performance is unequalled to any in its field.  The unique water supply and
reclamation unit allows operation where water is not available.   

Efficiency is a key ingredient!  The hopper has an adjustable water valve to slurry the material prior to entering
the trommel.  Lifters tumble the material as it enters the trommel to break it up.  A spray bar with its own
adjustable water valve goes the length of the trommel.  Next, the material approaches the 3/8” holes where
anything under 3/8” gets washed down onto the oscillating sluice, and larger material works its way to the end of
the trommel.  A nugget trap will catch any heavies and the lighter material will go out the tail cone to the rock
chute and discard tray.  The oscillating sluice has settings for stationary, short, & long strokes and is capable of
150 pulses per minute.  The removable sluice has artificial turf, riffles mounted on expanded metal & 4 toggles to
secure it into place.  Any light material that gets washed off the sluice goes into the de-watering screw.

Using the de-watering screw is the most efficient way to remove solids from the water & recirculate it.  The auger
is raised from the bottom allowing the black sands to trap & a second recovery for gold in case of too much
water over the sluice.  The adjustable water valve located on the bottom helps the heavy material to settle &
lighter material to auger out.  Waste material augers out and discards at the end of the Gold Claimer.  When
plenty of water is available & you don’t need to recirculate the water, remove the de-watering screw by removing
2 bolts and the drive shaft.  The only change needed is to remove the intake hose off the pump and place a
longer hose with a foot valve in your water source.

The unique design of the Gold Claimer makes the clean up process easy!  At the end of the day (or sooner if
needed), disengage the clutch or shut off motor.  At the hopper end of the unit, slide the sluice out of its cradle by
the handle.  Put it over a tub, lift the 4 toggles & slide the riffles & artificial turf out to be washed.  Reinstall the
carpet and riffles, slide the unit back into the sluice cradle & start the operation once again.  Another option is to
have a second complete sluice ready.

The Gold Claimer recirculates approximately 100 gallons of water .  You may need to add a little water due to
evaporation and the wetness of the waste material.  Drain plugs are in both the water tank and the de-watering

The simplicity of the Gold Claimer makes it the leader in the field of small portable placer equipment.  Industrially
built, it is easy to maintain & can be powered by either an electric or gasoline engine.  Either one uses the same
motor mount which is easily removable by removing the snap pin & sliding out the motor mount.  It was designed
that way so you can easily take it with you at the end of the day to cut down on theft.  One motor runs both the
gear reducer & water pump using a B-Width belt.  The trommel is a positive chain drive.

The Gold Claimer is uniquely designed for its versatility!  The trommel itself can act like a rod mill by placing two
30" 1 1/4 rod.  It will help break up clay if that is a problem where you are operating.  You can also double your
capacity by placing two Gold Claimers hopper to hopper and adding a "splitter", then feeding both units with our
12' Feed Conveyor.

Gold Claimer Specifications

  • Water feed valves for Trommel and Hopper feed control  

  • Revolving Scrubber and Trommel with positive chain drive  

  • Removable Oscillating Sluice (150 impulses/minute)  

  • Teel cast iron 3950 G.P.H. Water Pump  

  • Variable speed single belt drive for simplicity and reliability  

  • 100 gallon capacity reserve water storage tank  

  • Auger style De-watering Screw  

  • 10 GA Steel construction made for industrial use  

  • Sealed Steel Bearings

  • 8'L x 5'6"W x 4'6"H @ 850 lbs.

  • Capacity 2 to 8 cubic yards per hour  

  • Trailer mounted with lights, fenders and 4.80 wheels

  • 5 HP Honda Engine
$7,900 USD
FOB Tracy, MN  USA