Reverse Helix Gold Claimer

Reverse Helix Gold Claimer Specifications

  • 5 HP Honda

  • Outer Trommel - 20" x 38"

  • Inner Trommel - 15" x 48"

  • 18" Screening Section

  • 1.5" Teel Water Pump

  • 26:1 Gear reducer

  • Trailer Mounted

  • 2" Coupler

  • Tires - 4.80-8

  • Full Length Trommel Spray Bar

  • Fan Spray

  • Hopper Fan Spray

The Reverse Helix Gold Claimer continuously discharges concentrates.  There is no
need for sluices.  The fan spray can be adjusted for cleaner concentrates and its 3
lead system results in a better and quicker recovery rate.  The water tank holds 100
gallons of water and recirculates water with the use of the dewatering screw, allowing
you to run tests in dry areas.  The Reverse Helix Gold Claimer is rated for up to 8
yards per hour depending on your material.  
$ 12,750 USD
FOB Tracy, MN  USA